Life @ DY Patil PGDM Institute Akurdi

Induction Program 2023-25 Batch - Glimpses

The Induction Program for the academic year 2023 was an exuberant and educative experience that left an indelible mark on the incoming students. The program was meticulously designed to provide a holistic introduction to the academic journey, blending vibrant activities with invaluable learning opportunities.

The students were welcomed with enthusiasm as they embarked on a journey filled with diverse training sessions. These sessions, led by seasoned educators and industry experts, aimed to equip the students with essential skills and knowledge necessary for their academic endeavors. The dynamic nature of the training fostered an engaging environment, ensuring that the students were not just passive recipients but active participants in their own learning.

Beyond the classroom, the program incorporated outbound activities that not only encouraged team building but also challenged students to apply their theoretical knowledge in practical scenarios. These activities were not just recreational but served as a bridge between theoretical concepts and real-world applications, enhancing the students’ understanding and problem-solving abilities.

The synergy between industry and academia was a key highlight of the program. Students had the privilege of attending sessions where industry professionals shared their insights and experiences. This interaction provided valuable perspectives, bridging the gap between theoretical concepts and their practical applications in the professional world.

To complement the theoretical aspects, the program included industrial visits that allowed students to witness firsthand workings of various industries. These visits not only expanded their knowledge but also sparked a curiosity that went beyond the confines of textbooks.

In retrospect, the Induction Program for the academic year 2023 was a perfect blend of learning and fun, setting the tone for a vibrant and enriching academic journey. The memories of the program will undoubtedly serve as a foundation for the students’ academic and professional growth in the years to come.